Snow Removal

Snow Removal


We have contracted with Carolina Paving to push the snow off the road. The owner of Carolina Paving asked me to relay the message, asking you to avoid parking your car on the shoulder of the road. This creates a dangerous situation when trying to remove the snow. Parking at the end of your driveway is not a problem.


One issue I noted last year was, when the snow was removed, there was left a buildup of snow in front of your driveway similar to the shoulders. The way it was explained to me, was the purpose of clearing the common roads is to allow emergency vehicles access if needed. If we asked Carolina Paving to come back and “punch through” your driveway, it could potentially double the cost of snow removal. We are paying by the hour for snow removal, so this is not an option. I recommend getting the person who clears your driveway to remove the remaining snow.


The following people have agreed to plow driveways this winter:


Greg Lamb – (828) 808-1863

Joey Justice – (828) 702-2991


Greg has been used in the past to clear driveways. You will need to call him and get on his list for snow removal. He will call you back if his voicemail mailbox is full.


Joey lives in Kingwood, serves on the board, and recently purchased equipment to remove snow. He has agreed to clear driveways on a limited basis, as his schedule allows. You will need to contact him as well, to get his availability.


Please be aware, these contractors are not responsible for repair of your driveway or curbing, in the event it may occur. There are other people who remove snow from driveways, if you want to find someone on your own.


I am including some information, from a website, that may mitigate the impact of snow accumulation by treating your driveway with ice melt:


  • Apply ice melt in advance of a winter storm. Early attention before a storm will help prevent the formation of ice. When snow starts falling, the ice melt will create a brine solution, helping to prevent ice from bonding to the surface.

  • Disperse ice melt properly. Contrary to popular opinion, using large amounts of ice melt does not affect the speed which ice and snow melts. Using too much product can damage surfaces and harm the environment.

  • Continue to disperse ice melt during a storm.  This helps to prevent snow from becoming hard-packed on surfaces.


In the event of a snow event, I will send out blanket emails with information about snow removal schedules.


Mike Charping